FOX Empire TV Show In Chicago 2017 Open Casting Calls For Kids

FOX Empire TV Show In Chicago 2017 Open Casting Calls For Kids: Two new FOX shows are now producing with new seasons. Fox’s oriented hit musical shows Empire and Star are now shooting in Chicago area and there are also new casting calls from locals who wish to work as paid extra on either of these shows. Please view the details mentioned below. The casting team of the show is also now accepting general submissions regarding upcoming episodes and it will be filming around Chicago area. Hip Hop music, Lee Daniel’s edgy oriented drama is again back.

Empire has again returned to production in the location of Chicago and it is currently looking for the talented people who are interested in FOX Empire and must be local to Chicago area. Production of this TV show is starting and if the latest season schedule follows the previous season, they this show will also be taking place throughout winter months.

“Empire” concentrates on self-made music mogul Lucious Lyon, performed by Terrence Howard, along with his music label, Empire family drama and entertainment show receive the control of the company. Another music oriented drama is “Star”, the season 1 premiered previous year. Both shows filming takes place in Chicago and the casting directors are also expecting for the talented people who are local to Chicago area. Let’s start the process of “Open Casting Calls FOX Empire TV Show In Chicago”.

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FOX Empire TV Show In Chicago 2017 Open Casting Calls For Kids:

FOX Empire TV Show In Chicago 2017 Open Casting Calls For Kids

FOX Empire TV Show In Chicago 2017 Open Casting Calls For Kids

Details of Casting Hall:

  • Place: Minor Casting Call
  • Project Name: Empire
  • Location: Chicago
  • Date: 21st August 2017
  • Fitting Date: In Between 8/16-8/18
  • Rate: $150/8

Important Descriptions To Read: FOX Empire TV Show In Chicago 2017 Open Casting Calls For Kids

  • Your child must have appropriate Illinois work permit by talent agency of 4-star casting
  • African American female or male child between the age groups of 3 months & 3 years old
  • Latino male, with approximate age of 10 years, 80 lbs, and 4’7″ height
  • Caucasian male, Blonde-haired, with the approximate age of 12 years, 105 lbs and 5’7″ in height.

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How To Send Email:

If you child owns a legitimate, Illinois work permit and interested in Empire Casting then send the following details to email id:

  • Place your “child” in the subject of your email
  • In the body part of the email, include other essential details of child like name, DOB, age, weight, height, phone number, current zip code, email id and range.
  • Attach a copy of valid Illinois work permit
  • Include one full image of child and also one close-up with current look of your child
  • Please rename child image with their full name.

Project: Empire:

  • Location: Chicago
  • Shooting Date: Monday, 8/21
  • Fitting: 8/16, 8/17 or 8/18

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Read Before Applying: Casting Calls for FOX Empire TV Show in Chicago

  • Please read the role description before applying
  • Finish the most recent master-survey and then submit images regarding your current look
  • Please follow the instructions given below
  • Please do not apply, if you have been engaged in any role previously in this season.

Role: Upscale Men And Women (Age Group 40s & 50s)

Description: We are searching for women and men with an upscale, polished look. Any background!

Rate: $88/8 plus $25 for fitting

How To Send Email:

If you are interested to take part in Empire casting then send you details in email to the following email id:

  1. Place”Upscale Man/Woman” in the subject
  2. In the body part, include name, height, weight, age, email, current zip code and phone number
  3. Ensure that you have filled the current master survey which is pinned at the page top
  4. Include one present full-size photo and one close-up
  5. Ensure that you will be able to lie in the fitting ranges of 8/16, 8/17 or 8/18
  6. Inform us if you worked on Empire this season, and also mention which role you played

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Project: Empire

  • Location: Chicago
  • Date: Monday, 8/14
  • Rate: $88/8

>>> You must be completely available to work on all days during Monday without any difficulties.

>>> “Free” look alike.

>>> African American Female, age group lies between 25-35, someone who has the same look to “Free”.

How To Send Email

  • If you are interested and found available then send an email to the following id:
  • Place the role which you are submitting on the subject part
  • In the body part, include your name, height, weight, age, email, phone number and current zip code
  • Ensure that you had filled out the present Master Survey pinned to the page top
  • Attach one recent full body image along with one close-up
  • Ensure your present Hairstyle

>>> Make sure that you can work all day without any conflicts.

>>> Thanks for submitting, we will contact you in the case of consideration!

>> Talented candidates must complete the online form to take part in any of the roles. Please view this page for the online form.

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Moreover, Chicago’s 4-star casting has additional roles open for other shows which are filming in Chicago area:

>>> 4-star casting is hiring candidates through 28th July on Empire, Shameless, The Chi, Chicago P.D., South Side as well as Steve McQueen’s Widows.

>>> Fill out the survey form in full in order to consider for bookings. After completing, click back into the survey and update your availability during the month.

>>> Keep in mind that this survey is available between ages of 16 and more than that. If you are children then you can submit minor survey which is available for you.

Stay tuned with us for more updates of “FOX Empire TV Show in Chicago Casting Calls Audition”.

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