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MTV Troll Police – Rannvijay Singh Show

MTV Troll Police – Rannvijay Singh Show: MTV India is one of the popular channels in India. The concept of each show in this channel attracts the attention of the viewers, now they have aired one interesting program, namely, MTV Troll Police. The concept of this program is to make awareness that the activity of trolling is an offense, this is the first Indian television show which speaks about the issue of trolling. The host of this excellent show is Rannvijay Singh, along with him some expert investigators and cyber team will join the show to trace the troll maker.

MTV Troll Police - Rannvijay Singh Show
MTV Troll Police – Rannvijay Singh Show

Majority of the celebrities is facing this problem for revealing their opinion. The Troll Police show equipped with the cyber team and investigator will trace the troll maker. They also teach the internet users about the difference between the use and misuse of the internet.

MTV Troll Police – Rannvijay Singh Show:


Each episode of the Troll Police show will have some Bollywood celebrities, who joins the show as guests and shares their feeling of facing the trolling problem in their career. On that note, the first episode of this grand show was aired back on 13th January 2018 at 7 PM, where the famous Indian actress and model joined the show as a guest and revealed her experience of trolling on social media.

In the troll police show, the celebrities who join as the guest can trace their troll maker with the help of Rannvijay, cyber team and expert investigators. The tracing of the troll maker will take place in three levels, first is the social engineer, second is an investigation and the final one is the work of the cyber team.

MTV Troll Police – Rannvijay Singh Show:

After tracing the culprit, the cyber team will produce the troll maker face to face with the guests. The Troll Police feature the bold Bollywood actresses like Neha Dhupia, Tapsee Pannu and British Indian singer Kaur and more.

The trollers think that their identity will not be revealed and can use the internet as the platform to send inflammatory messages, this is wrong and unjustified. The MTV Troll Police show is to create awareness among the youngsters and teach them the use of the internet. This show is aired on every Saturday at 7 PM in MTV channel.

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