MTV Roadies Winners List

MTV Roadies Winners List of All Season: Roadies is a famous reality show, it is based on singing competition, and this show is being telecasted on MTV. ‘Roadies’ have successfully crossed many Seasons for the past few years. This was started in the year of 2003 and now this show has crossed 12 Seasons. As of now, it was set to start its 13th Season on MTV.

Many contestants have participated in this show; some of them have performed well against many other contestants and have won the prestigious title for each Season.

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MTV Roadies Winners List:

MTV Roadies Winners List

1. Rannvijay Singh:

Roadies Season 1 was started in 2003. Rannvijay Singh is the title winner of the Season 1 and he has also hosted the MTV Roadies for few Seasons. Rannvijay Singh is a film actor, host, and presenter. He is from Mumbai.

2. Ayushman Khurana:

Ayushman Khurana is the Roadies Season 2 title winner, which was held in the year of 2004. He is an actor, singer, and anchor. He is a multi-talented person. And he has received two film fare awards too.

3. Parul Shahi:

Parul Shahi is the winner of Roadies Season 3 in the year of 2005. She was the first woman who won the title of Roadies Show and she was the first contestant of the North East region. She is the most likable person by everyone as she was the favorite contestant among all viewers.

4. Anthony Yeh:

Anthony Yeh was the winner of the 4th Season in 2006. He belongs to Kolkata. He was a humble contestant, whom the show had ever witnessed. East and North-East people supported him and encouraged him more for his success while Anthony Yeh participated in Roadies.

5. Ashutosh Kaushik:

Ashutosh Kaushik is the winner of Season 5 in 2007.  After winning the Roadies Season5, he continued his winning stream with the huge success of winning the title also in the Second Season of Bigg Boss. After few months of gap, he started appearing more on television shows and he also acted in few movies.

6. Nauman Sait:

Nauman Sait is the winner of Season 6 in 2009. He had competed against 20 contestants in this Season. He was a local cricketer. Nauman Sait also had participated in other TV shows. From that, he didn’t concentrate on cricket and he made himself away from it.

7. Anwar Syed:

He is the Season 7th winner of Roadies in 2010.  It is the first time that MTV Roadies full shows have been shot in 3 different countries such as India, Kenya, and Egypt.

8. Aanchal Khurana:

Again Roadies Season 8 was owned by a woman named Aanchal Khurana who belongs to Delhi. She won the Roadies title in the year of 2011.

9. Vikas Khoker:

Vikas Khoker is the winner of Roadies Season 9 in the year of 2012. He was a famous modeling and a great entertainer.

10. Palak Johal:

Palak Johal is the winner of Roadies Season 10 in the year of 2013. In Season 9, there were 16 contestants have participated in it. And among of which she is the third lady to be winning the title of Roadies.

11. Nikhil Sachdeva:

Nikhil Sachdeva is the winner of Roadies Season 11. Later, he has been doing many MTV shows. He also expressed his interest in acting for movies.

12. Prince Narula:

Prince Narula is the winner of Roadies Season 12 in 2015. He won the cash price of 5 lakhs. He defeated among 21 contestants in the Season 12.

13. Balraj Khera:

Balraj Khera is the winner of Season 14 in the year of 2016. The winner of the show has been presented with Renault Duster car and more prize money.

14. Shweta Mehta:

Shweta Mehta is the winner of Season15 in 2017. She is the winner of Roadies X5 rising from Neha Dhupia’s gang.

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