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Open Casting Call For MTV Fear Factor For New Teams 2017 Audition

Open Casting Call For MTV Fear Factor For New Teams Audition In Los Angeles, California: Are you ready to win up to $50, 000 by getting a chance to facing your fear? The famous NBC TV show named “Fear Factor” is coming back and auditions will also take place as soon as possible. The casting call for Fear Factor is expecting for two teams to compete and win over a change of 50, 000. Teams which are competitive and adventurous and willing to face their fears can take part in this contest. Fear Factor expects casting call from siblings to couples and co-workers.

Now, casting directors are looking for people who are locals of Los Angeles area to take part in this show. The exact date of shooting has not announced. If you have the courage to face fears and win cash prize then apply for reality television show audition to take part in fear factor contest.

Open Casting Call For MTV Fear Factor For New Teams Audition:

Open Casting Call For MTV Fear Factor For New Teams 2017 Audition
Open Casting Call For MTV Fear Factor For New Teams 2017 Audition

The MTV fear factor is a reality television competition show which challenges the participants to face their fears & attempt to carry out certain things which they never did in their life. However, teams must face scariest and fearful things during the contest. This show was started in 2001 and continues till 2006 before jumping into the new episode of the year 2011. Now the casting directors are coming with another return which is hosted by Joe Rogan. Teams which overcome such fears and complete the challenges inappropriate time period will be winning the cash award of $50, 000. Some of the essential scariest things in the contest are as follow:

  • Jump out from Helicopter.
  • Hang off from high buildings.
  • Your stomach will be the slimiest thing which you never imagine.

Important Points About MTV Fear Factor For New Teams Audition

NBC competition reality show features contestants who wish to face their fears in swapping of the huge sum of money whilst outpacing their competition. Some of the essential points regarding the contest are given below:

  • Casting team can compete up to $50, 000 of cash as prize amount.
  • Fear Factor producers are looking for competitive, adventurous teams who are ready for the opportunity to face their fears and compete.
  • The casting call is now expecting for teams of two in order to compete for 50, 000.
  • Contestants must be having age group of 18-30 years as the team might be of exes, siblings, co-workers, roommates, couples or best friends.
  • Casting Duo and EndemolShine are excited to declare the hit-show Fear back is now back.

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How To Apply To Take Part In MTV Fear Factor Casting

  • If you consider you have determination and guts to face fear with your competitors then you can apply for the casting by visiting
  • If fear is not a factor for you and if you are local to greater Los Angeles location then complete the application form available on the website.
  • Contestants can be of roommates, exes, singles, couples, best friends, co-workers and so on.
  • Only one individual has to fill up the form and must be 18 years of age.
  • If you face issues online then mail your photos and application to (it includes a present photo of yourself and separate image for your teammate).

Get ready for this new season and stay tuned with us for “Open Casting Call For MTV Fear Factor For New Teams Audition”.

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