D4 Dance D5 Junior Season 5 Registrations and Auditions live

D4 Dance D5 Junior Season 5 Registrations and Auditions live: D4 Dance D5 Junior is one of the most popular and widely known Malayalam dance reality shows which is extremely loved in the region by the local audience as well as by people from other parts of the country too. The show has been a huge success in its first four seasons which has encouraged the makers to launch the fifth season of D4 Dance D5 Junior. It is a dance reality show where the interested Malayalam participants who are inclined towards dance or has a passion for dancing.

This is one of the best shows to showcase the talent of your kids who are below the age of 15 years and the auditions for D4 Dance D5 Junior auditions are officially open for the participants. Such regional shows are a great way and a wonderful platform for the young talent in the local cities and communities to put forward their talent. It is also a great form of motivation for such young kids to work further on their talent and help them make a career out of it and promote the regional music and dance as well.

D4 Dance D5 Junior Season 5 Registrations and Auditions live

The parents who know that their kids have some talent in dancing and can make it to something big can encourage them to audition for the show by first filling out the registration form on the official website of the show and also do all the other things that are required to be done.

D4 Dance D5 Junior Season 5 registrations open

This dance reality show is for Malayalam participants and young kids to showcase their talents and provide them an opportunity to bring out the hidden talents in them and put them in front of the entire world. It has helped various participants and winners to get the required exposure as well as the fame that is necessary for the dance and music industry.

You can fill out the registration forms if you are interested and submit them on the official website of the show. You also need to send out a two-minute clip of your dancing in order to get selected for the first stage of auditions.

To give auditions for D5 junior you have to send your two minutes dance video to D4DanceJunior@ gmail.com or you can also send your video to 9567780 718.

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