Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5 2017 Auditions & Online Registration Dates, Venues Details

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5 2017 Online Auditions, Venues, Dates And Registration Details. Bigg Boss Kannada is a Kannada version of reality TV show that is broadcasted in India and currently telecasted on Viacom 18 colors. This show is presented by the Endemol through the Endemol shine India. Bigg Boss Kannada is hosted by famous South Superstar Kannada actor Kichcha Sudeep that was roped from the first season up to the fourth season. In the upcoming season 5, they will expect to host by same Kannada actor Sudeep or sometimes may be changed. The format of Bigg Boss Kannada has been inspired from the channel of color TV.

Bigg Boss Kannada was started in the year 2013. Now, this show has some fans as they can follow in South India. This show is a main language of Kannada, but they can be targeted as the viewers of Karnataka. After the completion of the audition, BBK5 will be kick start on the month of September 2017. Recently, Bigg Boss Kannada season 4 had successful completed and then title winner of Bigg Boss Kannada season 4 was Pratham. He has won prize money Rs. 50 lakhs. Now, Bigg Boss Kannada season 5 will start to audition as soon as possible.

Bigg Boss Kanada Season 5 Online Audition details:

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5 2017 Online Auditions, Venues, Dates And Registration Details

After the few successes of color TV in Big Boss season 10, which the makers of Bigg Boss Kannada season 5 are thinking to be involved some common people for the next season 5. As the line of colors, Bigg Boss in Hindi is one of the biggest reality shows and same as Bigg Boss Kannada show will get the same format like that show. Assume that the upcoming season of Big Boss season 5 2017, a participant will get an entry of some common people in South India. The season 5 will expect to get more information about the audition detail, which will be updating as soon.

Bigg Boss Kanada season 5 Content:

Bigg Boss TV show incorporates the participants from film and Television industry. However, these candidates are insisted on taking part in the tasks provided by the Bigg Boss. There will be no source for enjoyment inside the house. They have to cooperate with the other participants and enjoy their life. Bigg Boss keeps on watching each and every participant so if they break the rules of the show then they are sure to get punishment accordingly. The contestants of this show will be updated as soon as possible. So, keep in touch with the website to get more updates regarding this entertaining show.

Hosted By:

BBK5 will be hosted by Famous personality Kichcha Sudeep in Colors.

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How To Apply For Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5:

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5 2017 Online Auditions, Venues, Dates And Registration Details

  1. Candidates who wish to participate in season 5 Bigg Boss Kannada must include personal details like name, address, state, DOB, height, Facebook Profile, Instagram Account and state.
  2. Candidates have to create a video themselves by answering some questions like:
  3. Introducing themselves in an own way
  4. How do they wish to differentiate themselves from others?
  5. Why do they want to be a part of Bigg Boss Season 5?
  6. Upload video which is 3 minutes maximum.

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Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5 Registration Terms And Conditions 

  1. Person who want to participate in Audition of Bigg Boss must be 18 or above on or before 3rd July 2017. He must be an Indian national and must bring any one essential document like voter identity card, Aadhar card, birth certificate, passport, PAN card, driving license, ration card or school leaving certificate.
  2. To participate in the Auditions, the candidate must register and submit their video which lasts for 3 minutes.
  3. The candidate must be medically fit to take part in this competition.
  4. The selection process of the candidate will be based on first-come first-basis particulary in case of huge number of registrations.

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5 Contestant list:

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5 is not announced as contestant list by officially. The 1st promo of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5 is already aired on the TV channel, which will host by famous actor Sudeep. The house of Big Boss Kannada 5 is at innovative film city at Bengaluru. According to rules never told to the audience, but it gives some basic rules. An inmate is not permitted to talk in another language rather than Kannada.


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  2. ಯೋಗ ಡಿ July 21, 2017
  3. Krishna Murthy R July 22, 2017
  4. Anand SD July 24, 2017
  5. thyagaraj July 25, 2017
  6. Parashuram C N July 27, 2017
  7. Channakeshava lg July 28, 2017
  8. Mangalagowri July 29, 2017
  9. Madhura.s July 29, 2017
  10. sagar A Kadam July 29, 2017
  11. sagar A Kadam July 29, 2017
  12. virupaksha July 30, 2017
  13. DRAKSHANI CHALAWADI July 30, 2017
  14. shankar.g July 31, 2017
  15. Sushmitha July 31, 2017
  16. Nandini Gowda August 1, 2017
  17. Radhika August 8, 2017
  18. Radhika Poojar August 8, 2017
  19. ನಾಗೇಶ.ಎನ್ August 9, 2017
  20. abbasali August 15, 2017
  21. Sangamesh August 17, 2017
  22. Shrinivasa shetty August 17, 2017
  23. Ambarish August 20, 2017
    • Ambarish August 20, 2017
  24. manoj.R August 26, 2017
  25. suresh. s. marali August 28, 2017
  26. Chandrashakhara a August 29, 2017
  27. Sachin gowda August 30, 2017
  28. suranjan abhshek September 2, 2017
  29. suranjan abhshek September 2, 2017
  30. Shiva prasad September 13, 2017
  31. ರಮೇಶ್ September 15, 2017
  32. RAGHAVENDRA KONNUR September 23, 2017
  33. Ravikumar N October 5, 2017
  34. sunil das October 5, 2017
  35. sureshkumar October 7, 2017
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